Is a Gallon of Water a Day Too Much?

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WAKE-UP CALL!! Your trainer has dropped the ball, himself!

One of the biggest struggles for personal trainers, including myself, is getting our clients to drink enough water. Next to air, water is the most important substance, not only because we need it to live, but because if we have goals to become more healthy, a component of which is to become more fit, then the first order of business is to consume enough water, and most of us do not!


When I have my initial sit-down meeting with a new client, which generally takes at least 90 minutes, the first question I ask is “how much water do you drink on a daily basis”? Surprisingly, the usual answers are: I don’t know, or I try to drink enough.

Neither of those answers is sufficient for overall good health, and they certainly won’t suffice for becoming more fit.

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Seventy-five percent, yes 75%, of the American population is dehydrated(for your own convictions look up the myriad of possible effects of dehydration!). So, my suggestion to all of them is to:

  • Make your water bottle or container your best friend, and you never go anywhere without it, whether it’s driving in the car, at your desk at work, or in a meeting, etc. Let me reiterate; that your water container must become a component of your daily attire!

Personally, I freak out when I don’t have mine with me. Over these 44 years of training, I’ve learned that water fountains and refilling glasses will never suffice. And, secondly, I’ve learned, that as soon as I begin to drink less, my thirst diminishes to a dangerous point, when it’s easy to forget to drink throughout the day.

With all of that said, I need to confess that I’m a bit of a hypocrite with regard to water intake, but I didn’t realize this for way too long.

Yes, my water bottle was part of my body, and it was with me everywhere I went, but I had dropped the ball! Thank the Lord that it was time for me to do blood labs for my forthcoming physical with my rock star doctor, Dr. Louis Torres. My “bun” level was high, and my “bun-creatinine ratio was off.  

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Yup, I was stunned. But, when I thought about my typical day of training clients all day long, I realized that I was a sipper, who had a sip and got busy, again. Well, sipping might work for some, but only if they are mindful of how much they’re consuming throughout the day, using some method of measuring, be it a large container, that shows the volume or a given number of smaller containers.


The beautiful part of this story is that in most cases my clients care as much about me as I care about them, and I listen to their opinions and advice. So, when I told my story to one of my clients, Mike Reppert, (whom I’ve been hammering for the many years that I’ve been training him, about his water intake), he had an immediate, very effective suggestion. Very simply, he suggested,  that instead of sips, I should take 3 big gulps every time I touched my water container. 

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Overnight I doubled my water intake to over a gallon! And, surprisingly, I am more thirsty than I’ve ever been. I’ve told this story to all of my clients for personal transparency, for their own conviction, and for my own accountability. Now, many of them ask me during a training session, and they even text me to check on my water intake

It’s all about conditioning. We need to get our bodies conditioned to crave more water. Otherwise, we will unknowingly fall way short of what we actually need.

If your goal is to be more healthy, or your goal is to get more fit, or your goal is to heal more quickly, then hone in on your water intake!

Water and Air are our sources of life!!

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